Royale Business Club Review

Royale Business Club Review

In this Royale Business Club review, we will check a fast growing and stable MLM company based in the Philippines.

Royale Business Club was started by Ricardo Castañeda as the CEO and longtime network marketer Juluis Allan Nolasco as President in 2006 (Nolasco eventually broke away and formed a new company of his own named NWorld).

The company was able to establish its own building headquarters in Quezon City. The company is part of the Philippine Marketing Association, PhilExport and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

Royale Business Club has expanded in Singapore, Dubai and Taiwan. Independent distributors (ID) sell and use products which are classified as wellness or beauty personal care products.

The products were awarded as “SuperBrands”, an independent arbiter on branding. Its membership programs pay tribute to the world’s leading brands, as selected by experts and consumers.

Royale Business Club Review


Royale Wellness: Nutritional health products and soaps are produced based on Glutathione (an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi and some bacteria).

They also used Cranberry, Mangosteen, Barley grass, Goji berry and Psyllium as natural fiber to name a few.

Royale Business Club Review
Royale Beauty: A wide variety product lines which includes Glutathione based lotion, soaps, pinkish cream, toner and lipsticks. The company also distributes the L’OPULENT line of beauty products which is manufactured in France and Korea.

Here is a video of the Royale Business Club Product Lines:

Royale Business Club Review – Compensation Plan

Royale is the only Philippine born network marketing based company that was able to establish its own over the years. It was able to produce million dollar sales and now rapidly expanding globally. Unlike other companies being imported in the Philippines, Royale is being exported abroad instead.

Royale Business Club has an unrivaled -Binary- compensation plan that offers numerous ways for associates to earn commission on a weekly basis.

In this Royale Business Club review, I will say that all of the income is based on the ability in selling the Royale range of products to customers and compensation for building networks of  Independent Distributors- who are doing the same thing.

Some of the compensation plans included in this Royale Business Club review are:

Retail or Direct Selling Income:
Distributors are able to earn a profit on sales of products when there is a difference in the retail price and distributor price list. The recommended price is generally set at 30% over what is known as the discounted distributor price.

Team Match Sales Bonus:
Distributors are able to earn a profit of approximately around $50 per matched sales of product packages worth 150PPV (points) when there is one sale on both binary legs. A maximum of (10) ten matched sales is being paid out per account in a daily basis which is around $500/day or $15,000/month.

UniLevel Program:
Distributors are able to earn a profit of 8% rebate on personal sales, 5%,4%,3%,2% and 1% up to the 10th generation (dynamic compression is being applied).

Multi-Level Program:
Distributors are able to accumulate points per products and will be able to earn profit from all the sales of his/her network.

Higher rebates minus lower rebates being applied and Leadership bonus when a distributor achieves the rank of Diamond.

The company also offers Profit Sharing program and travel Incentive based on sales produced.

Success as shown in this Royale Business Club Review:
As with most businesses, achievement with Royale will require commitment and hard work. Nevertheless, thousands of people have recognized the challenges and are dedicated to do what is required to succeed.

Many of the success stories is about people that were their doubts about getting involved and today are highly successful and wealthy individuals.

These people now gain in massive rewards just by taking the leap of faith in opening up their own businesses and helping others to achieve success.

For more questions, and if you want to schedule a Royale Business Presentation (RBP), you may contact this Facebook Page:

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Royale Business Club Review

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