Online Marketing Warning

Online Marketing – Do NOT Drive Traffic to Your Website Without This

So you burned inside your warm market list, and tried unsuccessfully using cold market prospecting, now you decided to take your online marketing business online…

Great move…Online Marketing Warning

As long as you don’t make some newbie mistakes that will cost you money, time and energy.

I will cover two big mistakes that new online marketers naturally make while trying to build a home business.

One major errors online network marketers make starting online marketing is driving traffic to a generic replicated website that was provided for them by their company.

Replicated websites will not let you to stand out from the crowd.


Because all of the reps in your company has one, and they all look the same, yes exactly the same!

I say that replicated websites will not effectively present your opportunity to your leads and prospects.

Also, when you drive traffic through your replicated website, there’s no way of capturing your prospect’s information.

Without capturing their information (name, email, phone number, etc), you will not be able to follow up with them, get on the phone with them, and share your business opportunity.

The answer to these online marketing problems is to drive traffic to a lead capture page, also called a landing page.

You need to drive traffic to a lead capture page.

You will able to obtain the necessary information to follow up with anyone that visits your website.

This a great way of doing online marketing.

How then?

Now people may asking. “How?”……

For prospects to view your website, the prospect has to type-in their information (name, email address, phone number, etc.).

This is inside the fields that are located anywhere on your lead capture page.

Let us say that your lead capture page is converting well.

Prospects will be forwarded to your actual website to view the presentation/product/opportunity once they submit their information, and again..only after they submit their information.

Your prospect’s information is submitted, they are now viewing your website.
You can now automate the follow up process further by using a follow-up series of emails.

I call this autoresponder emails, that automatically follow-up with them every 2 or 3 days (or whatever frequency you will choose).

The online marketing automated email follow up process (autoresponder) will also free up your time, will be as a “relationship builder” between you and your subscribers (leads).

For advanced online marketing, it also gives them the opportunity to cross-sell multiple, several affiliate products and other business opportunities!


Online marketing can provide a remarkable amount of automation.

There has to be a system in place to efficiently drive prospects to your website.

You check the interested prospects and follow up with them, and clear out the unresponsive people and tire-kickers.

It is true that there is NO perfect automated system out there.

For online marketing, using high-converting lead capture pages and autoresponder email series holding good ad copy, can have a lot of the “heavy lifting” completed for you.

Searching for a good marketing system that can complete all of this.

While including various affiliate products enabling you to create upfront income to build your business, can shear off years from your learning curve using online marketing.

I hope this helps you.

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Online Marketing – Do NOT Drive Traffic to Your Website Without This

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