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MLM – Business or Hobby

MLM Business or Hobby? If you’re in the MLM or Network Marketing industry, YOU have a decision to make. Will you run your venture like a Business, or fiddle around with it like it’s a Hobby?

I’ll let you in on a little secret – THERE ARE NO 6 OR 7 FIGURE MLM EARNERS DOING THIS AS A HOBBY!

That’s right; they all have made a VERY serious commitment and decision to make this a VERYprofitable business.

I know that you think or feel that you have been very serious, that you have made the decision to be committed, and that while you struggle to make ANY money or make more than you’re spending, you are working hard. And although you’ll hear that you should be able to be successful WITHOUT any help from your upline, even with determination, commitment, and hard work, it’s the rare individual who can.

MLM Business or Hobby

MLM Business or Hobby

MLM Business or Hobby?
Most people get involved in a MLM or Network Marketing company because someone they know personally close to them has shared with them an opportunity to break out of the rat race and given them the hope of financial freedom. The truth of the matter is that usually the person that got you involved has had none or almost no business experience.

It’s NOT your fault, that’s just the way this usually happens. What you need is someone to mentor you, someone with success to show you HOW to run your business like a business.

If you runyour business like a business to be profitable, it’s truly a business, if you’re losing money month after month, it’s simply a hobby.

MLM Business or Hobby?

Some of the KEYS to running your MLM business as a business are:

  • Set achievable goals
  • Set specific hours that you will work your business
  • Become an expert in your companies specific field
  • Learn and ONLY do those things that lead to making money
  • Generating leads for either recruiting or sales
  • Making sales
  • Work with someone who will hold you accountable for your progress or lack thereof

MLM Business or Hobby

MLM Business or Hobby

… And another thing, do an honest evaluation of your company, its compensation plan, leadership, upline, and products or services to see if it’s truly a match for you Personally. If you like the MLM or Network Marketing Industry and believe it’s something you could really sink your teeth into to change your personal and financial future, then if it’s NOT a match for you, look at several, find one, and commit to working it as a business for at least several years.

I’ll go more into this hop scotching from company to company and deal to next exciting prelaunch deal in another article. But in real businesses, no one starts a restaurant this week, and in 3 months decides to open a shoe store, then in a few weeks a software company, then a couple months later a hotdog stand. That would be ludicrous, yet in the MLM industry, that happens day in and day out.

A better example would be like pushing on a 4,000 lb car and just as you get it moved a couple of feet, you see another 4,000 lb car just a few feet away and because its newer and shinier you should jump over to it. If you do that very often, you’ll expend a lot of energy and NEVER get any momentum.

MLM Business or Hobby?

Determine to run your business (after you’ve truly evaluated it to see if it’s a match) as a business, learn from guys like who has taught many, many MLMer’s to become wealthy in this industry using Attraction Marketing, and devote yourself to self improvement and become a leader.

I believe in YOU and believe you can become anything you want! You can answer this question for your self: “MLM Business or Hobby?

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MLM – Business or Hobby

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