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or DXN USA or Daxen which means “positive thinking” is a Multi-Level marketing company that is offering dietary supplement DXN Daxen based on the Ganorderma Lucidum (Mushroom) that provides health benefits for the users. They started in 1993 and I was personally involved with the company in 2003. The DXN actually hold it’s strong sales worldwide, be cause of the “Lingzhi” coffee that holds the same Ganoderma Lucidum extract. It was founded by Dato Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

DXN and Internet Marketing

However, in todays market of internet and online marketing system, the old offline approach will result in a really tiring approach of doing the business. DXN USA partners needs to harness the internet and market effectively to reduce the growing pains of building the business the hard way.Millions of people nowadays are looking for companies like DXN to learn more about the company and the benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom based products it offers worldwide.
I was able to join this company way back 2003 and the result was fantastic:
DXN Daxen
Thus, if we will see it, many people  are interested in Daxen and are finding ways to be involved in this business especially in this tough economic crisis. The main point is to position in front of these people and show them how to benefit from Daxen and DXN USA and to show the compensation and the opportunity itself.

The products of DXN and DXN USA:

The Lingzhi coffee, the RG (reishi gano) and GL (ganocellium)  capsules, spirulina and other health products are highly consumable goods that makes the company unique and possibly marketable. Most distributors shy away from the internet, but the reality is, they wanted to harness the DXN Daxeninternet but is clueless on where to start. They must need to brand and produce more leads and capture email addresses of contacts and prospects in order to make follow up messages using an autoresponder to market effectively, on auto-pilot. Internet marketing will be here to stay as electronic commerce promises to be the wave of the future to market not just companies like DXN or DXN USA but anything under the sun. Let us learn internet marketing and lead generation.

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DXN USA – More Leads

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