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Duplication is NOT the Element for Success. A System Is

You heed that expression duplicationduplicationduplication, duplication being coined around like a grubby rag. What does it actually mean??!!??

If that will represent that you must seal a room up with hundreds of people every week, set in front of them, and do the presentation of your business opportunity like a certified public speaker, before you get any real development in your business, then it is not surprising that the FAILURE RATE in Network Marketing is SO HIGH!!

It’s unfeasible!!!duplication

So it’s pretty simple to see that duplication is not the answer for success.

Because regrettably, most of us “normal” people don’t have the expertise that is often needed to build a massive Network Marketing group the traditional offline way.

And if you are thinking that’s YOU, do not feel bad….

A bunch of people are in the same boat. In fact, 97% of all network marketers or networkers are on the same boat!

Do you know that the success rate in Network Marketing is presumably around less than 1%. It’s actually around like 0.24%!! Something outrageous like that.

So don’t get fooled by thinking it’s so easy. And I distinguish it can be hard particularly when most companies get the top dog reps or distributors walking up on stage telling you how they made 100K a month and all they did was speak to 10 people.

It is all about duplication (


) correct?

WRONG! It is totally incorrect!

If it is just really as simple as duplicating (duplication) what someone does, then the industry’s success rate should be much higher. But the plain simple reality is that it just isn’t! And it’s almost unworkable to duplicate what the top earners are actually doing.

BUT – don’t be anxious, it’s not all gloom and doom.

Because if you have a true SYSTEM that reps and distributors can follow step by step and apply it themselves, then this is actually the correct vital element for success.

A system that will teach you the most excellent way to draw near people, to market and attract to people all over the world and a true system that leverages the most powerful tool on the planet – The Internet.

That’s how you generate success.

The best element is, everyone do not use a system exactly the same way. See, you might be using it different to the way I use it. But the main point is that you have instructions and guidelines to track so you don’t get lost and puzzled

The good thing is, if you are not the Alpha personality who can make people chase you like the “multicolored Piper”? can, then Hey! That is totally okay!

So if YOU have:

– Listened to your “traditional”? upline

– Made a list consisting of ALL your friends and family

– Paid for “leads”? from some vendor

– Printed and distributed flyers

– Cold calling prospects

– Held Home Parties

.…. been there completed that, and got a t-shirt? – AND you are STILL NOT making enough money to pay your even your bills, then it’s time for a big change!

Because, again “


“? IS NOT the solution in building a enormous successful business,
A great System IS.

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Duplication is NOT the Element for Success. A System Is

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