My Beginning…

I was born in the 80’s here in Manila, capital city of the Philippines. I lived most of my life in one of its busiest streets of Sampaloc, which is a local term for Tamarind. I shared the second floor of our medium sized house with my 5 other sisters, while my father who was a tailor and my mother a cook, managed their small business downstairs.

Patrick PlazoEven during my younger years, I was hungry for knowledge and would always want something new to learn. Just like a typical kid, I played and enjoyed basketball but outgrew it and wanted something else. Being friends with older men in our neighborhood introduced me to playing chess as a past time, which eventually became my passion. From being a Michael Jordan fan, I changed my fanaticism to Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and Vladimir Kramnik. I religiously followed their title matches thru books since computers were still not prominent in our country that time. However, that did not hinder me to become a professional chess player. I even went further by winning the “1993 National Kiddies Chess Champion” in our country.

As my eagerness in chess was never at rest, it led me to an interest that I never thought would turn out to be my profession in the future. When IT or Information Technology emerged and became accessible, I was immediately hooked with several chess computer programs. My fascination to computers intensified when my sister in Japan sent me a MAC laptop. In time, I just found myself formatting DOS program, installing RAM and even assembling my very own desktop PC. I started to earn from computer repair services and decided to take a short course for CAD (Computer Aided Design) while taking my Architectural course. Before I pursued my college degree, I worked for a small architectural firm as CAD designer for a couple of months. Then finally I dropped my Architectural course to pursue an IT course, while running an internet shop at the same time.

Unfortunately due to increasing maintenance cost, resulting to a break even income, I had to let go of my business. It was also the same time that an unexpected surprise came; I was 7 months away from being a father.
That was an eye opener for me to achieve financial stability. I instantly considered options such as getting an 8-hour job or again pursuing my professional Chess career. One day, an old friend paid me a visit and just like an answered prayer, it was a start of something new.

My Becoming….

My introduction to Network Marketing was thru a company that sold health products. When I learned the principle of “LEVERAGE INCOME”, I instantly felt the adrenaline rush to pull it off. I contacted family members, old friends and went to different places and had new acquaintances. Time flew so fast that I realized it was already a year since I started. Surely my hard work paid off for the first few months, but somehow my check amounts was dwindling since I’ve already ran out of my Direct Lines. Though my Down Lines was already counting to thousands, the company’s marketing system only gave a percentage up to a certain level.

About Patrick Plazo
As a first time parent, I started to worry. I gave my full time to my Network Marketing and had no other source of income. So with a heavy heart, I sorted to employment and started to apply for a job. I landed into Technical positions, and competitive as I can be, I received recognitions and started to hone my technical skills through different certifications and trainings.

But still, on the sides were my Network Marketing stints. I continued selling my health products. I tested new waters and joined 2 other Marketing companies, which were short lived. Despite these, I continued my search for a worthwhile Marketing company. Until recently, I joined another Marketing company with a fresh product and idea on how to build network thru a support system. This time I had to list 100 names of family and friends, only to find out that they are not qualified like me for the business and my list was totally burned.

It was that time that I came to realize that my network was confined to people I know and people they know. And I challenged myself to look for a solution to break this cycle.

My Revolution….

I am now a Network Marketer by heart, believing Marketing is a BUSINESS. It is my key to a better life. That’s why during the time when opportunity was scarce, my hopes were bountiful.
Internet changed the phase of how to market product and services. I searched thru it for ways on how to break away from traditional marketing. As I was browsing, I came across an interesting marketer whom I deemed as a possible mentor based on his concepts. It amazed me on how he was able to market his self to a stranger like me, miles away from where he is. I never guessed that it was the first step to ATTRACTION MARKETING.

Patrick Plazo

I continued and expanded my knowledge on ONLINE MARKETING. The VALUE and education I had was really remarkable. I knew that this was the EXACT, WORKABLE, DUCPLICABLE system I ‘ve been looking for.

Now, I have created my own a SALES FUNNEL running on AUTOPILOT 24/7. It is indeed an innovative way to market online even when I’m away from my computer probably sleeping or enjoying family time. I have developed my marketing strategy in an entirely different way. There is no need for me to chase a family member or a friend anymore. I am the one who is being sought after by marketing aspirants who seek MARKETING SOLUTIONS. I have become searchable and accessible to marketers all over the world.


All the hustle and bustle of network marketing boils to one goal and surely it is every network marketer’s dream to achieve….to earn residual income.

Earn a stream of income from your business even when you’re at your work as a regular employee, miles away enjoying a vacation or doing nothing like sleeping. You won’t need to go full time and leave the job you most probably love in order to maximize your profitability. It is something you can do without having to commit majority of your time and efforts.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes. But you can actually make this happen.

This is where I am and what I’m doing right now. I have discovered the way to practice my IT profession 8 hours a day and still market MLM opportunities and Internet marketing on the side.

As every job has its requirements, I have come up with my own simple checklist. This will help me find out if you’re ready to undergo my training and change their financial future.

• Has the average ability to READ, UNDERSTAND and WRITE in English

• Has an email account and check it regularly

• Knows how to watch an online video

• Is flexible and can follow instructions well

• Can allot 1-2 hours a day to work your business online

• Is willing to invest at least $50

If you answered yes to these criterions then you’re all set to learn from me. I will guide you step-by-step to generate more leads and more income for your business. This decision will take your marketing business to success and turn your dreams into reality.