90% Network Marketers Fail Without This Vital Element: Focus

During my run in the Network Marketing Industry, I have met and encountered many people from all walks of life; Successful corporate professionals, to the working mom, and all the way to the person struggling to make ends meet at everyday;focus

And it’s appealing because no matter how different these persons are, there is a similar issue that they all have, and that is


. And this may sound ridiculous, apparent and even cliché, but focusis the major element that can make the big difference between success and failure in the Network Marketing industry.

I will show the 3 types of focus that people really need in this business.


1. Commitment and Time To The Business

This is one of the noticeable and is the most general. People that join the MLM or Network Marketing industry are normally working a fulltime 8 hour job and are either looking for some extra money on the side, or are looking to start off that way and eventually move into the business full time. The trouble though is that most people that join the industry are busy and are not willing to put much effort into their MLM business. Now, it will be possible to make money from this business part time, but in order to do that, it requires a little dedication and focus.

Many people will give in a couple of hours a week to focus for their business, not get any results, and then complain that this industry is too tough and then quit after about a month or so. Investing 2 hours a week into your MLM business will not make you a penny. Maybe a few dollars if you will be lucky. But in order to be efficient, even as a part timer you must need to put aside at least 2 to 3 hours a day for your business if you want to see any genuine developments. And if you’re really grim about making some extra money, by hook or by crook, you should find a way to make that happen.


2. Patience

People forget that Network Marketing is a real and robust business, just like any real business, it takes time to focus, develop and grow. And in the MLM industry, there are several ways to generate leads and traffic to feed your business. But what I’ve noticed countless times is that people are trying out one strategy for a few days, not getting any leads or conversion from it, and then throwing that strategy and moving onto another one. This becomes a ferocious cycle, which results in total crash and the person quitting the business altogether.

The only answer to the problem is to be patient. Just focus on one or two strategies, become an expert at them, and keep doing them every single day to feed your business. Once you start, do not stop and


; and remember that it takes time to build some grip with your marketing efforts, whether you are doing the business online or offline.


3. Diversify

How many companies or primary business does the average person should work for? We will say, just ONE. But why is it that so many network marketers in MLfocusM industry, work with 2, 3 and even 4 MLM companies?! People think that the more they spread in MLM, the higher the chances that they will produce money. How can a person expect to be successful in 3 companies, if they aren’t even successful in 1?


is really the key. We’re not investing in stock or bonds. Over diversifying will slaughter your business. Just glue to one company that you trust in, and keep on working at it until you rip the fruits of thy labor.

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90% Network Marketers Fail Without This Vital Element: Focus

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