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Maximum 88 Corporation Philippines Review

In this section, I will review a new MLM or Network Marketing Company that just recently opened, Maximum 88 Corporation (or M88).

What is Maximum 88 Corporation (M88)?

Maximum 88 M88 Corporation Compensation PlanMaximum 88 Corporation officially started last January 2018. It promises a proven compensation plan based on the binary model of Network marketing or MLM. The company market a wide variety of health/wellness and beauty products.
Initial product being launched are the soap lines which includes the Glutagen Triple Action Soap, Kogen Triple Action Soap, Vert 8-in-1 All Natural Green Soap and the Rouge 8-in-1 All Natural Red Soap. The PPAR and Maximum-C tablets are also being launched as of this writing.

Is Maximum 88 Corporation a Scam?

Maximum 88 is owned by Filipino network marketers namely Doc Pat Jugueta, Mark Anthony Dapiton and William Chaves. Maximum 88 M88 Corporation OwnersWe can say that it is legally ethical and trustworthy as the company pushes the sale of the products as the primary source of your earnings. A member will primarily earn commissions through the sale of the Product Package. Package will be availed normally hence around Php 9,888.00.

M88 mission is to help Filipinos achieve their dreams. Most noteworthy Maximum 88 Corporation offers the customer a legal and safe way to earn money via network marketing or MLM. M88’s viewpoint is to be always ahead of time. Because of this, M88 is only dedicated to offer their members probably the most lucrative compensation plan. If you believe in M88’s promise, and work on it the right way, furthermore you will get the earnings you indeed deserve! Maximum 88 Corporation is the first MLM company that will offer an E-Commerce replicated website. Customers and distributors will sell the product online like owning your own Shopify store!

Compensation Plan and How to Join?

Check the detailed explanation of the compensation plan by clicking this link => How to Join M88

Finally, customer can buy the product package from the link provided above. The system will also allow the customer to be a part of our Project Mayhem. We can share the fundamentals of E-Commerce and proper online marketing.
In conclusion, it will be worthwhile to check this promising company and take action.

Maximum 88 Corporation Philippines Review

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